Alien Anatomy

This project was meant to have us create monsters, but anatomically detailed ones. Ones where we had to think out why they had the features they did or work backwards and come up with explanations to validate them having those features. I created a creature based on an idea I had for an intelligent alien species. The idea was that they had evolved as passive herbivores in an extremely predator-heavy environment and had ultimately evolved almost every possible defense mechanism possible. This development would also lead to their morphology becoming something that was terrifying in and of itself. Part of the idea of this was that many of their features developed to scare prey would also coincidentally align with human imagery surrounding death; things like skeletons, the horsemen of the apocalypse, toxic green coloration, and dark matte skin that lets them slink through the shadows despite their deceptive size. This would even follow into the species early development into civilization with the first tools they would develop being crooks and scythes. For them it would be to gather and harvest tall plants, but the connection to the grim reaper and iconic scythe that it carries for reaping souls would be immediately obvious.